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Quora for an Exceptional Branding of Your Business

Quora shares a tremendous knowledge to more than 100 million users a month. With more than 400,000 topics, it covers almost every query that a human brain comes across. Given its precision in finding the right question and answers for a query, people love to visit Quora. Being a fountainhead of knowledge that gives value to its users, Quora is the best place to brand your business.

The Perks of Using Quora for Business:

  • Value to the users with quality niche content brings credibility to your business
  • Links provided in the popular answers drive traffic to your website
  • Catch the eyeballs of prospects and drive them to your landing page thereby generating quality leads and sales.
Why Someone is Getting More Attention Than You on Quora ?

To gain valuable traffic for your business from Quora. Your answer should be at the top of every answer written for the particular question. And to achieve top position your answer must be upvoted by the readers. Getting upvote for your answer is the mul mantra to be the leader of Quora marketing. Upvote is the primary feedback which tells authors that their content fulfilling the prospects. People having different perception someone will like your content and some will not. And if your content got a downvote from the reader then it will impossible for you to be on the top of the answer list. Who will be at the top is decided by upvote given by the reader. And gaining upvote for your content on Quora is not a cup of tea for everybody. But don’t be panic QuoraDomiantor is here to rescue you from every prospect of Quora Marketing.

Is the Cut-throat Competition Not Allowing You to be Successful? We Make You to Dominate the Competition

Automation has been a solution for social media marketing. But no one has ever tried the same on this Q&A platform. Don’t be one among the crowd. Try Quora Cash Machine, a smart solution to step ahead of others. Quora Cash Machine is the sui generis tool which have produced successful results to its users during the test period. The best-in-class features and smoother operation make it handy for automating tasks on quora.

4 Steps on Quora Cash Machine that Make You Successful With Your Marketing

Add Your Accounts

Already have accounts on Quora? Just upload them to the dashboard to perform your tasks. You can add any number of accounts to your dashboard. When you perform any task like upvoting and downvoting, Quora Cash Dominator uses all these accounts in a planned manner.


You can give the desired number of upvotes to the answers that are in the favor of your business. You have to input the URL of answer and input the number of votes required to it. Once you click on the start button, Quora Cash Dominator will start its work. With the safe automation methods, your answers can secure the top position on an answer page.


To make an account popular on quora, you have to earn more followers. Just upload the URL of the profile that you need followers for and just sit back. The accounts you have created will start following the selected profile thereby, accruing the follower count.


Turn down the answers that go against you. Just like upvoting the answers, you can cautiously downvote the answers that cause the defamation of your business on Quora. Input the URL of the answer and the number downvotes required and click Start. Thus, you can protect your reputation in the Q&A community.

Manage as many Quora accounts as you need

Get more views on your answers and traffic to your website by Upvoting your answers automatically

Turn down the answers that go against your brand by downvoting answers automatically

Be Famous. Get more followers to your account

Scrape Quora Questions Links According to Desired Keywords

Save Scraped Links In Pre-defined Folders / File Format

Listen to Your Fellow Marketers Who Got the Tested Results with Quora Cash Machine

  • “I knew that Quora is not a small platform that I can be an influencer overnight. But I wished to try Quora marketing for my business. I hunted high and low for a solution that could make my work simple. I got the specimen of Quora Cash Machine. Really, it had shown impressive results that made me an influencer on Quora. Now, I’m enjoying the organic results of Quora marketing” – Saurabh Bond


Start To Get Results Like This In Minutes

Why to Apply Quora Cash Machine to your Business?

May be your business is in good position. But using Quora Cash Machine you can place your business in better position. It reduce your effort and stress for marketing and gives you confidence of successful marketing. Help you to earn more money without sacrificing precious time for your loved once. QuoraDomiantor is an exact comfort, happiness in field of business you are looking for.

Become an Influencer of Your Niche

People love to listen to the influencers on any platform. On quora people want answers for their questions and solutions for their problems. To be an influencer, you need a large number of followers and more number of upvotes. Quora Cash Machine helps you with these two key aspects of Quora Marketing and makes you an influencer of your niche in the community.

Reach the Global Audiences

Quora serves the worldwide users. As you have become an influencer on Quora for your niche, your answers are discovered by your prospects all over the world. Thus for a global business, Quora Cash Machine does a lot to succeed.

Drive huge traffic to your website

When you provide value to your users with your quality content, they love to click on the links you have provided. You can place links to your web pages in your answers. When your answer has more views and upvotes, people trust the answers and they wish to click on the links. Thus you can derive traffic from quora.

Generate Quality Leads

The readers of your answers are the ones who want to know more about your niche and more likely to be make a conversion. By driving them to your landing page, you can generate quality leads for your business.

Protect Your Reputation

Reputation management is one of the important aspects of marketing. Your competitors may try to defame your business by publishing answers that go against your products or services. This is a threat to your credibility and business. To curb such dire consequences, you can use the downvoting feature of Quora which help you in collapsing such answers by downvoting.

Protect Your Accounts from being Blocked

Account blocking is the major problem that most of the marketers face. Improperly done automation is not encouraged by any network. If Quora catches any suspicious activities, it will block the accounts. But you need not worry about any of these issues. Quora Cash machine supports multiple proxies and maintains proper time delays in the automation tasks. Thus, it protects your accounts from being blocked.

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